Hyderabad based startup GTM Buddy raises $2 Million led by Stellaris Venture Partners

Saas startups
Saas startups

Saas startup GTM Buddy will be utilizing the freshly raised funds in improving their products and hiring talented teams – across sales, marketing and customer success functions.

On Tuesday, a sales-tech Saas startup GTM Buddy announced that it has raised $2 Million funding from Stellaris Venture Partners in seed round.

Speaking on the product’s strength, Sreedhar Peddineni, Co-founder and CEO of GTM Buddy said, “GTM Buddy takes the advantage of advanced technology with innovative designs & AI to deliver the right information to the sellers at the right time, information that is relevant and helpful to buyers; available within the tools that are used by them on a daily basis.”

With the mindset to disrupt the sales industry, Sreedhar Peddineni, a serial entrepreneur, along with co-founders Santa Thounaojam, Sundar Vellaichamy, and Chandramani Tiwary, founded GTM Buddy.

GTM Buddy’s just-in-time “sales enablement” platform helps sellers to accelerate their deals and improve win-rates by cutting through the noise and delivering contextually relevant and valuable information and messages to their prospective buyers. Powered by Contextual AI engine, GTM Buddy’s platform pre-processes all the sales enablement content available within the organisation’s content repositories, external content etc; auto indexes and surfaces the most relevant information in the context of a conversation happening with a prospective buyer.

Saas startups

“Despite advances in underlying technologies, current sales enablement solutions fail to meet the needs of the users. They are mostly a user interface on top of a classical folder structure, with basic search and tracking capabilities. Like many other enterprise processes, we believe that this is a space ripe for disruption. With a veteran SaaS entrepreneur like Sreedhar leading the team at GTM Buddy, we are certain that the platform will be a gamechanger in the sales enablement space,” added Alok Goyal, Partner, Stellaris Venture Partners.

Prior to GTM Buddy, Sreedhar Peddineni co-founded Host Analytics, a SaaS platform and a market leader in the financial planning and analysis (FP&A) space, which was later acquired by Vector Capital. He later co-founded Gainsight, a category creator in the customer success space and a unicorn, which was acquired by Vista Equity Partners in 2020.  

Apart from Stellaris, GTM Buddy’s investors include several angel investors including Girish Mathrubootham, Nick Mehta, Ashish Gupta, Aneesh Reddy, Khadim Batti, Dilip Khandelwal and founders of several widely respected SaaS companies.