immunitoAI a biotech startup raises $1 Million led by pi Ventures

immunitoAI founders
immunitoAI founders

According to a statement given by the startup immunitoAI the fresh funding will be used to develop product and industry associations.

On Wednesday, a tech enabled and AI-powered startup immunitoAI which aims to discover the antibody and screen it on a platform raised $1 Million in a seed round of funding led by pi Ventures, in which the round also saw an active participation of  existing investor Entrepreneur First. 

immunitoAI biotech startup was founded by Aridni Shah and Trisha Chatterjee in November 2020, which focuses on designing and screening antibody candidates for a given antigen, by doing this the biotech startup aims to increase the number of antibodies found drastically.


Aridni Shah, CEO and Co-founder, immunitoAI, said,

Biology has always been a difficult subject to study but with the help of AI it feels like we have bridged the gap and made impossible things possible. Today with the integration of AI in biology our vision to make antibody therapy a norm has come true. We plan on using this seed funding to develop our AI products and validate the predictions through biological experiments.”

When the startup is aiming on antibody screening and improvement in the short term, the startup plans to develop their own antibody candidates in the mid and long term.

Commenting on the investment, Roopan Aulakh, Managing Director, pi Ventures said,

“Our focus at pi has been to invest in startups that are revolutionizing industries using disruptive technology. This thesis is well reflected in immunitoAI, our first investment from our recently launched Fund II. The company’s AI-led platform will make the antibody discovery process faster and cheaper, enabling targeted therapy for multiple diseases. We are delighted to partner with Aridni and Trisha, who bring a unique combination of biotech and AI to the table.”