SuperGaming, a game development startup raises $5.5M in Series A funding round

SuperGaming team
SuperGaming team

SuperGaming, a Singapore-based social gaming network, has received $5.5 million in a Series A round led by Skycatcher, AET Fund (Akatsuki’s investment arm), BAce Capital, Dream Incubator, 1Up Ventures, and Monish Darda.

According to a comment from the firm, the additional funds will be used to expand the startup’s talent pool from 120 to over 200 within a year, allowing it to scale up the creation of technologically sophisticated projects, expand the company’s publishing division, and promote current titles. According to the firm, it is working on a big battle royale game that will be released in early 2022.

SuperGaming, originally formed in 2019 by Roby John, Sanket Nadhani, Christelle D’cruz, Sreejit J, and Navneet Waraich, has invested in developing its gaming engine for operating Hyperscale, real-time multiplayer games, including the official PAC-MAN game, in addition to building famous smartphone games like MaskGun, Devil Amongst Us, and Tower Conquest.

SuperGaming Series A funding

“SuperGaming’s fast growth is a tribute to the developing Indian gaming sector backed by strong demand for fresh channels of virtual entertainment,” said Roby John, CEO and co-founder, of the new expansion. Our goal is to use this money to help SuperGaming become India’s leading gaming firm. We are currently growing our world-class talent pool and speeding production of new products after demonstrating our capacity to create internationally popular games online.”

“India is easily the most fascinating single market for gaming in the next decade and is developing at an exceptional rate on the ground,” Sia Kamalie, Founder & Fund Manager of Skycatcher, said of the investment “

“SuperGaming’s team is perfectly positioned to leverage both the Indian and global video gaming markets, and in our three years of scouring the India startup landscape, the SuperGaming team was the only one creating games to international standards. Overall, we believe SuperGaming is the obvious favourite to win India gaming and become a global rising star.”

“Gaming in India is seeing fast growth, and SuperGaming is well placed to exploit it to begin their next chapter of expansion,” Yuki Kawamura, Partner at AET Fund and Board Member, noted. We are excited to participate in this round as an early investor and remain optimistic about the founding team’s ambition, especially given Devil Amongst Us’ remarkable development as the first true Battle Royale built in India.”

Dream Incubator, Akatsuki Entertainment Technology Fund, and Better Capital helped the business raise $1.3 million (about Rs 9.36 crore) in a seed round in November 2019.