Elda Health raises $1.5M in seed funding from Avaana Capital, Orios Ventures, and Ananth Narayanan Family office

Elda health cofounders
Elda health cofounders

Avaana Capital, Orios Ventures, and Ananth Narayanan Family Office have invested $1.5 million in Elda Health, a women-led one-stop holistic health platform for the mid-aged metropolitan woman.

The funds will allow the Bengaluru-based company to grow its products and operations, as well as employ new personnel and integrate health and wellness specialists and physicians to broaden its circle of knowledge. Elda is a constant companion for women in their forties and fifties on their healthcare journey, providing them with verifiable medical outcomes.

Swathi Kulkarni, Sindhuri Ananth, and Shubham Sharma started the company. Swathi and Sindhuri are cousins who were brought up in medical homes, and they, along with Shubham, are all passionate about expanding healthcare access.

Swathi, ISB alumni, is an accomplished entrepreneur with over 17 years of experience working for companies such as Nua, Komli, Amazon, and others. Sindhuri holds a master’s degree in computer software engineering and has previously held positions at KPMG and Intel.

Elda health founder

Swathi to a news blog said,

“My father was a gynecologist in the army, so discussions about feminine hygiene and wellness were regular at home. Sindhuri’s father worked at Apollo, and we grew up in that environment. Shubham, on the other hand, is a BITS Pilani graduate with a strong interest in medicine. It was at that point that we banded together to make an impact in the community.”


While there was a broad focus on health, she noted that they intended to go further into women’s health. They studied feminine hygiene from the start of a woman’s menstrual cycle through menopause, according to Swathi.

“We realized that while maturation and pregnancy are celebrated in our culture, women’s healthcare requirements are more complex and unmet. When we first started working on the customer experience, we saw that women over the age of 35 confront a variety of challenges for which there is no one-stop-shop “Swathi said.

The trio agreed to concentrate on normalizing the situation. Elda uses a dynamic dashboard to assist users to manage everything from symptoms to activities, as well as a thorough reporting system to track progress toward their health objectives.

Elda Health was created to ensure that women over the age of 35 have equal access to healthcare at all phases of awareness, prevention, diagnosis, and cure. Elda’s goal stems from the reality that women’s health and specialized healthcare requirements have been ostracized for far too long.

Shruti explains, “Women have begun to place a higher value on their health, and this market has been neglected. Digital health platforms can help to bridge the gap and provide the necessary push and support.”