geekster founders
geekster founders

Geekster raises $200K from We Founder Circle

Geekster is a Gurugram-based integrated ed+hr tech platform for technology professionals.

The startup Geekstar will invest this freshly raised funds to launch skill development programmes, accelerating product development and offer its product to a wider client base.

The seed funding round was led by startup investment platform We Founder Circle (WFC). The Pre-Seed round worth $200,000 also witnessed participation from ah! Ventures.


Ankit Maggu, Co-founder of Geekster said “To hire the best talent for the suitable role is a challenge for the employers. On the other hand candidates also suffer to find opportunities due to lack of the right skills. We want to fix this ecosystem and enable our employer partners to spend less time interviewing and more time building teams by getting access to pre-vetted engineers who can deliver from day 1”.

Brief about Geekster

Geekster is an integrated platform started in 2020 where students can get on-demand training skills by industry experts and pay only after getting a job; while the employers are able to access top-quality vetted talent through data-driven matching algorithms.

“The attrition rates at Indian IT companies are rising, and this has triggered a war to acquire the best tech talent. Also, early attrition is a new trend that is making it more difficult for IT companies to retain talent. This highlights the role for out-of-the-box concepts like Geekster that provide professional address, upskilling, and scrutinization, which cannot be handled in-house at the tech companies,” added Neeraj Tyagi, Co-founder, We Founders Circle.

Geekster has already more than 20,000 students on-board which are interested for job oriented programmes having 500+ top professionals active on its platform and is currently helping 25+ well-known startups and some large and mid-size IT enterprises in building their tech teams.

According to Subrata Patra, Venture Partner, ah! Ventures, “Geekster is poised in solving the pain point of tech professionals and employers at scale, with an innovative approach. This not only offers a flexible yet practical curriculum catering to individual learning needs, but also helps develop a tight-knit community of students, instructors, and employers. We are glad to have a data-driven tech professional community venture in our portfolio.”

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