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Slang Labs is using voice AI to help coronavirus related search

Kumar Rangarajan, Co-founder at Slang Lab’s mentioned in its tweet that a multilingual voice assistant tool can be kept on all the covid health websites and the company would provide it for free.

slang labs

A Bangalore based company Slang Labs has created a voice-enabled tool which can be embedded on any existing mobile apps or websites to get details of COVID-19. 

“As Covid now rages through all of India, tracking Covid resources like beds, ICU, plasma, funding, etc., has become very crucial. There are many websites that have now come up to help the common man track them, but they are typically built for the tech population. We wanted to help these websites reach more people by adding a multilingual Voice Assistant on top of them, which would allow users to just talk to these websites and ask what they want and the app can respond accordingly.”

Adding to this, Kumar Rangarajan said “they use augmented voice experiences, which added a similar voice assistant to a COVID-19 dashboard last year, which had helped. The tools supported languages like English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam, among others, and work for apps as well as websites.”

Slang Labs created another similar tool last year for, and created But during the second wave, it ended up making a copy rather than adding it to the original one because the team was not able to reach the tech team which had developed it last year.

“This time we wanted to directly connect to the developers if they are interested and extend our help to them,” said the Co-founder. 

According to the Indian health ministry data, on Wednesday (May 5, 2021), a record 3,780 fresh COVID-19 fatalities were registered in a single day in the country, taking the death toll to 2,26,188, while 3,82,315 new coronavirus infections were recorded. With the fresh cases, the total tally of COVID-19 cases in the country climbed to 2,06,65,148.