Sarathi Healthcare startup raises Rs 1 crore as seed funding

sarathi healthcare founders
sarathi healthcare founders

Sarathi meaning ‘companion’ in Hindi, focuses on preventive and emergency care of elders.

The startup, Sarathi Healthcare announced the seed funding of Rs 1 crore from different angel investors and entrepreneurs including Nitin Sethi, Vishal Dhikale, Swapnil Bagul, Gaurav Satbhai and Jayshree Harak from Jodhpur, Nasik, Surat and Pune.

Sarathi Healthcare was founded in 2020 in pandemic by Amol Bagul, Aditi Poyam, and Lavender Singh Rathore to ensure the health of elders and provide 24*7 medical services at their doorstep.

The startup will use the raised funds for its growth and expand in different geographical areas adding new cities and towns with medical services. They will also improvise their products. Sarathi Healthcare has already impacted around 5000+ lives including patients suffering from chronic diseases, since its incorporation eight months ago.

Amol Bagul – Founder & CEO, Sarathi Healthcare, said, “We have catered the medical services for customers within Rajasthan and achieved good response so now we are aware of the fact that these types of service are highly required in other states of India as well. So soon we will be starting our operations in Nashik, Pune, Jaipur, Ajmer and Nagpur”.

Sarathi Healthcare is currently being accelerated by Jodhpur-based Marwari Catalysts Ventures, which aims to nurture innovation and economic development in Tier II and Tier III cities of India.

Sushil Sharma, Founder and CEO at Marwari Catalysts said that through an empathetic approach and authentic customer engagement, Sarathi Healthcare has formed a strong community and laid a solid foundation built on trust.

Sarathi caters holistic health care which includes symptoms consultation, disease management, consultation with healthcare officials on demand as well as on recommendation, health-checkups and lab tests, eating habits consultation, appointment management, medicine home deliveries and medical equipment, ambulance booking and hospital booking facility.

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